Ginder Scientific Product Technical Information

Connector Assemblies - General

Our miniature connector assemblies consist of three basic components: a threaded ABS plug, a non-threaded ABS socket and a ring nut to hold the two components securely. The plug and socket are available to accommodate 9, 11 or 18 gold plated pins. The 9 pin plugs (GS09 series) weigh approximately 0.5 g, while the sockets weigh 0.4 g. The ring nut is available in lightweight nylon (0.3g) or anodized aluminum (0.5g). A cap nut that protects the exposed plug from contamination is also available in nylon or aluminum. The aluminum ring and cap are available in 5 different colors to allow for distinguishing test subjects from a control group. The miniature connectors allow for accurate electrical signals to be transmitted from the subject, but also allow for free movement while not under test conditions. Connections to the gold-plated pins are normally soldered, not crimped, providing cleaner signals and greater durability. Photographs can be viewed on this website. Please contact us if you require additional information.

Nine-pin Plugs available in Zytel

Nine-pin Plugs are now available in Zytel. Zytel is a natural-coloured plastic capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 340F (170C). We have a limited quantity of these plugs available. Please contact us for a quote.

Eleven-pin Plugs and Sockets

Eleven-pin plugs (GS11 series) and sockets are manufactured by starting with 9-pin components and drilling two additional holes. Therefore, their size and weight are essentially the same as the 9-pin components, but allow for two additional contacts.

Eighteen-pin Plugs and Sockets

Eighteen-pin plugs and sockets are approximately 1/8" larger in diameter than the 9-pin components as well as being heavier (1.65g & 0.77g respectively). The ring nuts and cap nuts for the 18-pin series are made from lightweight black delrin. The gold-plated contacts are the same ones used in the 9-pin series.